Services and Methods

I am currently offering hourly existential counselling and integration sessions with an emphasis on holistic self-care. I am currently accepting new clients.  Please email me for my rates.

The methods I use and the approaches I take are based in Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy which integrates humanistic traditions with existential theory.

My approach to counseling is to integrate ideas from psychology, philosophy, spirituality and the wisdom traditions of the past. As a student of existential psychotherapy, Vipassana meditation, qigong, and yoga, my focus is on repairing the split between the mind and body, expanding consciousness, and liberating the human spirit from the prison of suffering

Regardless of my personal style and training, your sessions with me will be centered on you. Taking a client-centered approach means that my only agenda is discovering what works for you, rather than how your experience fits into anyone modality or approach.

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